About Forsat

Forsat is an international prestigious firm located in Cyprus offering a range of services to its reputable clients. The company is registered in the Republic of Cyprus with Registration No. HE 352406  . Additionally, Forsat Advisory & Associates Ltd is a member of various Business Association in Cyprus. The headquarters of our company are located in Nicosia (Cyprus). The primary services offered are corporate professional services.
Our vision is to provide fast, accurate and high quality services.
Moreover, our company can assist and facilitate the procedure for individuals that are seeking to obtain resident permit in Cyprus or other jurisdictions and also to assist in the procedure to obtain citizenship through the fast track programs of various countries including Cyprus. Further more our firm has secured a wide network of professionals and associates in various jurisdictions and we can offer company registration, annual maintenance and corporate management of companies, assistance with the opening of bank accounts in Cyprus and overseas, Accounting and Auditing of companies and also tax planning and compliance.

The global nature of our group, joined with our close relationships with our associates, companies and various other connections, contributes in providing services of high standards to our clients. Our target is to continue the company’s growth whilst continuing to offer the capability and customer service that we have built our respect on.

Who Is Forsat

Our mission is to continue building on the quality in aspects we are specialized for becoming better and better everyday. 
Our philosophy is to satisfied our client’s needs and provide accurate and on-time information in any inquiry. 
Our promise is to provide the best possible solution to our clients.