Location: Middle East

Area: 9,251 sq km

Language: Greek (Official)

Religions: Orthodox Christian

Population: 1,189,197 (July 2015)

Capital: Nicosia

GDP: $27.42 billion (2014)

GDP per Capita: $30,800 (2014)

Agriculture: citrus, vegetables, barley, grapes, olives, vegetables; poultry, pork, lamb; dairy, cheese


  • $1.916 billion (2014)
  • Citrus, potatoes, pharmaceuticals, cement, clothing
  • Greece 17.5%, UK 10.8%, Israel 5.8% (2014)
Industries: tourism, food and beverage processing, cement and gypsum, ship repair and refurbishment, textiles, light chemicals, metal products, wood, paper, stone and clay products


  • $6.827 billion (2014)
  • Consumer goods, petroleum and lubricants, machinery, transport equipment
  • Greece 23.8%, Israel 9.6%, UK 7.4%, Italy 7.2%, Germany 7.1%, Netherlands 5.7%, France 5.6%, Spain 4.8%, China 4.3% (2014)
  • ثبت شرکت در قبرس
  • cyprus company
Cyprus Advantages

Cyprus is considered as an established, trust-worthy and reputable business and financial centre. The Island currently presents a number of opportunities to international investors and business people.

Member of the European Union and Euro zone

The Republic of Cyprus became a full member of the EU on May 1st, 2004.

On 1st January 2008 Cyprus joined the European Monetary Union and adopted as its official currency the Euro (€).

One of the Lowest Corporate Income Tax rate in EU

Cyprus Companies are taxed at the flat rate of 12,5% on their taxable income.

Established International Business Center

  • Wide network of Double Tax Treaties
  • EU Directives available
  • Strong political and economic relations with the major economies of the World such as the Russian Federation, China, India, USA and the UK.

Excellent Accounting, Legal and Banking Services

  • Well trained and highly skilled professionals provide high quality accounting, auditing, consultancy and legal services offering their expert and reliable advice on all aspects of business and law, both local and international.
  • Commercial banks and specialized financial institutions offer a variety of national and international services for Companies and individuals.

The main structures useful to the investors who are willing to invest to Cyprus or through Cyprus are the following:

  • The Cyprus Holding Company
  • Finance Company
  • Intellectual Property Company
  • Trading Company


The Cyprus Company

The Cyprus Holding Company enjoys the following advantages:

  • 12,5% corporate tax on trading profits
  • No withholding tax on outward payments


  • No participation exemption and no holding period exists.
  • No CFC rules;
  • No thin capitalization rules;
  • Capital gains from the sale of immovable property situated outside Cyprus is tax exempt;
  • Taxable losses carried forward indefinitely; from 2012, a temporary limitation of five years is introduced in the tax system under which, losses will be allowed to be carried forward for offsetting future taxable income, for a period of five years from the year to which the profits relate.
  • Capital gains on sale of securities: 100% exemption unless immovable property in Cyprus is involved;
  • Group relief availability (75% holding);
  • Tax free re-organizations (cross border permitted);
  • Foreign PE profits exempt;
  • Tax free corporate re-domiciliation permitted;
  • Possibility for establishing an SE (European Company);
  • Applicability of all EU directives;
  • Extensive Double Tax Treaty network.
  • Advance ruling practice exists;
  • Easy to open bank account worldwide on the Cyprus company

Secure destination for holding of investments, assets, intellectual property etc.