Forsat & Associates can assist the client to establish their company through Cyprus Fiduciary services. Our company has secured a wide network of reputable associates which specialize in company formations in a number of jurisdictions as well as in the provision of fiduciary and other relevant services.

If you wish to register a company in Cyprus or in other jurisdictions including but not limited to Hungary, Germany, Austria, India, Dubai, Hong Kong, China, Iran, Switzerland, please contact us.

Cyprus fiduciary services include

Provision of:

  • Professional directors,
  • Nominee shareholders,
  • Corporate secretary and
  • Registered office
Company Administration

  • Opening and monitoring of bank accounts and arrange for bank credit cards,
  • Assist with the applications for bank financing and facilities,
  • Processing and execution of bank instructions,
  • Preparation, review, and execution of agreements,
  • Monitoring local compliance with statutory requirements and filings,
  • Arranging for legal opinions or other legal work,
  • Assistance in listing companies to a recognized stock exchange,
  • Arranging for registration of trademarks or trade names
  • Assistance for setting up a fully-fledged office in Cyprus
  • Assistance in obtaining work permits for expatriate employees
Corporate secretarial

  • Maintaining and safekeeping the statutory records and registers of the company
  • Keep in safe custody the common seal of the company
  • Preparation of board minutes and the Annual General Meeting of the company
  • Issuing and safekeeping of share certificates
  • Arrange for the legislation and certification of documents
  • Arranging for the increase or decrease of the company’s share capital
  • Registering company pledges
  • Undertaking company searches and due diligence
  • issue powers of attorney
Banking services

By providing a wide range of financial institutions in Cyprus as well as overseas with which we have established a professional and robust relationship we can provide our clients with the following services

  • Opening and monitoring of bank accounts and arrange for bank debit and credit cards
  • Assist with the applications for bank financing and facilities
  • Processing and execution of bank instructions