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Cyprus offers one of the most attractive tax systems in Europe. The country provides a simplified, effective and transparent tax regime that is fully compliant with the EU laws and regulations. Dividend income, profits from overseas permanent establishments and profits from the sale of securities are exempt from tax. Also, there is no withholding tax on dividend, interest and royalties paid from Cyprus. Most international transactions are exempt from VAT. Cyprus has a network of double taxation agreements with more than 48 countries.  For a complete listing please visit the Ministry of Finance Double Taxation Agreements Section. Additionally, Cyprus has access to EU Directives that focus on reducing or eliminating foreign withholding taxes.

Much work has been done within the European Union and beyond to improve the transparency and portability of qualifications, and both for work and study you should be able to get recognition for a degree undertaken abroad.

However, particularly where recognition is required from professional bodies or government, you would be well advised to seek advice from you government accreditation authority before starting your studies.

In most cases, yes.  It depends on each individual institution.

A scholarship is mostly based on academic merit. If an applicant is eligible for scholarship, we are going to follow all the right paths and there is a big chance to get it.

It depends on what course students will choose to study, what level and at which university. It can also depend on the chosen city because there are differences regarding cost of leaving in each city. When students will apply, through our office we will help them to decide wisely which matches with their condition and abilities. The average prices of accommodation and living expenses can be between 8,000 and 10,000 Pounds per year. Of course it depends on students’ life style.

Most Undergraduate courses are in the range of 7,000 to 10,000 British Pounds and 10,000 to 12,000 for Postgraduate students per year.

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The most important reasons for the applicant to choose the Cyprus for study are:

Studying in English

Possibility of getting scholarships at all levels of school

Safe and friendly environment with crime ratio less than 1%

No need to have TOEFL, IELTS for getting admission

No need to interview

Visa is guaranteed by the institution

Approved by the Ministry of Science

Approved by the Ministry of Health

Variety of vegetarian, halal, local and western food

Traveling easily for foreign students to other European countries

First class transportation system

Located in the safe geographical environment at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa

After studying the possibility of living and working in Europe

Compulsory health insurance for the duration of the education and support of students

Studying more than 50,000 international students in Cyprus confirms it’s famous attesting

Allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week for international students

Socially secure, stable government and low crime rates

Possibility of transfer from Cyprus to the other European and American countries, during the study

Studying with the international standards and high level of education.

  • Cyprus is a EU27 Member since May 2004, Economic and Monetary Union Member since January 2008. Foreign investors have the opportunity to access the EU market and vice-versa. Cyprus is Europe’s eastern outpost at the crossroads of three continents– Europe, Africa and Asia – providing a gateway to and from each one of them. Cyprus is a dynamic business centre that offers relatively lower operating costs while also providing top quality services, including accounting, auditing, tax, business administration, legal, investment and funds management. Cyprus has a robust telecommunications system, two international airports (Larnaca, Paphos) and two ports (Limassol, Larnaca). Furthermore, the relatively small distances make the island a very friendly and easy to get around business location.

Cyprus offers a wonderful environment with a very comfortable standard of living. Living and working in Cyprus is combined with fabulous weather, beautiful nature, art and culture, safety, security, and above all, hospitable people. Cyprus combines the international competitive business environment with a pleasurable and balanced way of life. The UNDP Human Development Index Report 2013 ranked Cyprus 31st out of 187 countries for the quality of life.

The Knight Frank Report ranked Cyprus on the Fall of 2013 as the 5th better place for Lifestyle among major European Cities and other competitive destinations. The report was also published in the Financial Times on October 2013.


Apply as soon as possible. Most of students are involved with psychological pressure before moving to abroad. Therefore, applying on time can help themselves to decrease the pressure and following all the official process.